Haircut & Styling Las Vegas

Hana Salon is Vegas’s Original Hair Salon! We are a full-service men and women’s hair salon servicing west las vegas close to the strip Las Vegas.

Hana Salon offers services in hair curling, custom cuts, coloring, bridal makeup, color correction, balayage, vintage styling, braiding, fashion shades, men’s haircuts, and more.As hair professionals, we strive to provide our clients with the best experience possible. Your visit is curated from the moment you step into our salon. Whether you’re looking for a new color, a simple style update, or help taming your locks, we can help.

We take great care to listen to our clients’ wants and needs before putting our expertise to work. Your voice matters and your style comes first. We want our results to exceed your expectations!

Men's Haircut & Styling

Most men nowadays are conscious about how they look. They look for the best men’s hair cut styles that will improve their appearance. We are professionals who know the latest hair trends for men in Las Vegas Nevada located minutes from the strip. Our most popular men’s hair cut styles you can choose from:

Men's hair styling

Afros Haircut Style

Do you prefer medium length, something that will help you stand out? Come to Hana's Hair Style in Las Vegas to check out our Afro style haircut, our popular haircut style these days. We will make sure to give you regular shape-ups, to maintain the length and shape you want.

Short Hair Cuts or Buzz Cuts

Our one of the basic styles the popular choice for most men. With a short hair style or a buzz cut, you can project the professional look required by most employers. We provide two kinds of short style cuts – the close shave or the total shave. With our close shave or the close fade we taper the hair closely to the head. The hair is not shaved completely but it is near the scalp. With our total shave, on the other hand, we cut all hair from the head. This kind of hair style is ideal for those who have receding hairlines or experiencing hair loss.


This is one of many men’s hair cut styles that require regular maintenance to help the hair stay healthy instead of messy. We are also here for monthly touch-ups so the your hair remains clean. In this style haircut, we will remove damaged and broken strands. To get great men’s hair cut styles, call Hana today at  (702) 509-4262

Long Bangs Hairstyle

Long bangs work wonderfully for men with smaller forehead as well as with narrow forehead. Bangs look spectacular when styled properly. Men with smaller forehead can opt for bangs sleek and swept aside. Those with narrow forehead can make their look trendier with spiky bangs. Long bangs hairstyle is modern and chic hairstyle. To get long bangs hairstyle, call Hana's Salon and spa today.

Men’s Layered Hair Style

Want modern and masculine look? Want to go for combining bangs with layers that will give a charming look. At Hana's Salon and spa, we use some gel or mousse at ends to add definition to it and brighten up sleek, wavy and even curly hair. Call us today at (702) 509-4262

Classic Part Hairstyles:

Need a traditional styling? We provide two classic styles such as the side sweep (right) and the slick back (middle). For a big statement look, come and try our part from left to right that overlaps slightly on right side.

Men’s Fringe Hairstyles

Our men’s fringe cut comes in variety of lengths so you can play with the look to suit your face shape. Fringes in two contrasting colors also look great. You can go for side swept fringe or cropped fringe.

Boys Haircut & Styling

In the past, boys were much less likely to adopt a fashionable haircut, preferring convenience over style. This is no longer the case. Today, teen boys are equally likely as girls to express themselves with new and experimental hair styles. Call Hana's Salon and Spa to schedule appointment for your boy's haircut. Little boys are on their way to becoming little men and you should let them be as fashionable as possible. One of the ways of letting your little boy be fashionable is giving him a great haircut. Here are our 5 great haircuts for little boys:

Long haircut

If your boy has long hair you don’t have to cut it short. We can style it. To add texture, we will cut the hair with a razor blade instead of a pair of scissors. For a perfect look, we let the hair go halfway over the ears. For best boys haircut service call us today.

Clean cut Style

To give your son a clean look this is the haircut to go for. The style looks great on boys with thinner hair that tends to lay down flat. It’s also ideal for wavier hair. In addition to the hair style being easy to maintain, it’s also easy to get.

Surfer Haircut Style

It’s a long haircut ideal for kids with fine or wavy hair that has some form of texture. Here we keep the hair tapered around the neck and ears while keeping the hair longer up top.

Curly Haircut Style

Is your boy blessed with curly hair? Why destroy it? We will give the curly hair a polished look by cutting it clean around the ears and neck.

Faux hawk Haircut Style<

Most boys look great in Mohawk haircuts. If your boy’s hair isn’t too long we can give him a faux hawk cut by cutting the hair in such a way that we have small amount of longer hair at the top and 2-3 inches hair wide across the head.


Girls Haircut & Styling

While boys are beginning to experiment more, the greatest variety in teen haircuts is still found among girls. Here are some of our girls haircut styles

Beautiful young Ethiopian girl in traditional clothing, showing strength

Pixie cut

We stylize Short hair styles using a razor to finish make it look sharp. We also add layers for volume and bounce if your girl desires.

Classic Bob

This haircut is perfect for straight hair and is never out of fashion. You can choose a bob which curls inward or outward around the chin.

Blunt cut

This hairstyle is usually at the shoulder length, you can however choose for short blunt wherein the cut ends just underneath the ear.

Mushrooms cut

This hairstyle may be used on both girls and boys. This hairstyle involves a short crop along with a couple of layers on the crown. For all hair cut services in Las Vegas, Call Hana's Salon & Spa to Schedule Appointment.